Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Another Nonsense Entry

Our first week here in Singapore has passed. So far, we’ve been to different offices that are on top of our list: AXN, Discvoery Networks Asia, Google, Yahoo!, WWF. These are big names, I know. Landing a job here given my experience and background is a long shot but I’m still taking my chances. There’s nothing wrong with hoping. The only downside to it is the feeling of disappointment when after a month they won’t call back or you get an email that they have no vacancy whatsoever. Still, I lose no hope. Again, it has only been just a week. And at least they have my resume if ever there’s one opening available, maybe they’ll look it up and consider me for whatever position that’s vacant (that is if they haven’t shred my resume to pieces already. I hope they don’t and keep it in file, as promised.haha).

A friend asked me if I went around already. I say, no, not yet. Not until I get a job or just a job interview. Maybe that’s the time I’ll go around and see Singapore. But for now, I would have to do with seeing the city while visiting offices. No more touristy stuff for me, not yet. Maybe I’ll do so one place at a time and not all in one go. I’m making tipid my money and I’m guessing I have a whole lot of time for that pa. Because I’m not leaving, not yet. Not until I’ll prove to Singapore that it needs me and she’ll be seeing a lot of me pa.

This entry is nonsense. I have nothing interesting to share. I just want to write and get it all out. Maybe this isn’t all but at least writing this entry relieved me of something. I have released my tension and worry through this entry.

So my birthday’s on Monday. Hopefully, I have something interesting to blog about by then. I’m really expecting a surprise because Mom asked me if there’s DHL or LBC here. Talk about being obvious. I might go reverse bungee-ing with kizay or miko. Or go job hunting. Whatever. Praying for a blessed day for me that day. :)

Happy Birthday to me. :)

One learning while going through some emails and all... people do move on. I don't. haha

P.S. I neither edited nor re-read this entry. I wrote it because I want to. Enjoy. And ‘til my next entry.


Any thoughts, reader?

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