Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My 24th - February 22, 2010

It's February 22, so what?

It's a working holiday in the Philippnes today, there's work for the adults (working class) but no school for the kids. For Miko and I? We declared it a Holiday, just for the two of us, here in Singapore as well-a job hunting-free day-because it's my birthday.

What I did to celebrate my birthday: Nothin extraordinary, really. Had a late lunch with KZ, Cheenee and Miko at Orchard...

23rd gift

Meet Mr. Grin, my new pal, KZ's gift to me. Para may kausap ka naman, she said. :) Now, it's just not me who has a new compani0n, Booger and Donkey (say it like DHONG-KEY) have a new playment too! Miko gave me a socket/converter/adapter. Really useful! :)

animal friends

We, Miko and I, bummed in the library after lunch, supposedly to do some job hunting online but I think most of my time spent was checking my FB account and replying to everyone who left me a wall post. When we were shooed away from the library, coz it's about to close, we went to Raffles Places for some Yogurt. We've decided to make the reverse bundgee a post-birthday and hopefully pre-employment celebration... and soon!

yogurt - yoguru

Thanks Kitoy and Cheenee for spending time with me on my birthday. Kizay, can't wait for the photos! Tag me or CROP me , please...

friends :)

Honestly, I won't say that my 24th birthday was a blast, but it's more than enough. And I am more than thankful to God that I have my Friends to be with, my family's "virtual presence", money to spend, loved ones who I know never cease to pray for me and people who still think that I exist. Thank you guys... a million thanks!

Now, I command the universe to make my 24 years of existence, going on 25, be a blast!

My birthday last year was spent with Guy in Hongkong in the morning (Guy and I went shopping at H&M) and Macau in the afternoon and evening (visited Venetian, nice). Here's my entry about it: 23rd Birthday Trip Itinerary and 23rd Birthday Trip Budget


  1. hahah i was gonna explain... pinagbakasyon ko muna sila sa davao... (actually, nailagay sila ng mommy ko sa bag na pinacargo papuntang davao, kasama si sheepee-sheepee...)i think parating na sila anytime soon. haha


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