Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Half of My Birthday Wishlist

I was supposed to post this entry last January 22 so as to give ample time to the people who are mentioned here (and those who are generous enough to be my fairy godmothers/godfathers) to buy/make their gifts and send it to me. :)

Anyway, since I am entering my quarter-life, and yeah, along with it comes THE quarter-life crisis (which I have been experiencing since I entered 20's!) I think I have the right to make a birthday wish list and hopefully (I'm begging you, please) will get all 25 things in my list. I won't put all the mush and impossible stuff like getting a boyfriend or going home. Instead, (almost) everything here is quite obtainable by myself or by the universe, if it's lavish enough to indulge me.

1. Birthday Cake.

Who doesn't want one? The last birthday cake I got was when I turned 22 and it was a company gift. My 23rd was spent in HK and Macau with Guy so it's a different kind of cake, I had an Egg Tart. Last year was spent here, a newbie in SG, with KZ, Yayam and Miko, with fast food stuff. So now that I am settled, I expect to get one. A cupcake with a candle will suffice.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Got A Love Letter Today

I got a sweet surprise today. A love letter from my one and only sister.

Here is how I view my family:

My dad is my adviser.

Mommy keeps me grounded.

My big brother is my great example.

And the most important of it all, my sister makes me feel loved.

Forget Facebook, Twitter, or even email. There is nothing sweeter and more thoughtful than receiving a letter, the old fashion way. Reading my sister's card relieved me of the stress from a long and lousy day at work. It made me cry, and yes, a bit homesick, but it somehow removed me from my state of being perfectly lonely.

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