About Me

Blogging since 2004.

Moved blog houses since 2004 too as everything that was written were pure rubbish like the first: First Blog, the Friendster blog which account I've already deleted years back (too bad I've had a lot of photos posted there), the fairly-recent-boredom-induced Other Blog and of course, this!

Picky Foodie. 

Dislikes pineapples on pizza. Prefers crisps (chips for Americans) over chocolates. Chocolates are best if DARK. Doesn't eat creepy crawlies even if it tastes like chicken meat. Or as crunchy as whatever. Can whip up any pasta dish with any leftover/ingredients from the fridge. Hates Pinoy-style spaghetti. Gets high with chicken wings. McSpicy as a comfort food. Curry Love, especially Thai Curries! Kebabs are kool. Pork fat is healthy! Pork belly is good! Learning to love tea over coffee.


Hates plane rides when taken alone, which is almost always. Loves the idea of meeting The One during one of my plane rides. But I already met him, not on a plane, but I couldn't ask for more. Loves traveling solo. Haven't been to much places though only to countries that accept a Filipino Passport without Visa. Lots of experiences though. Missed my plane four times-I never learn. 

Top Five places I wanna go to:
Japan for Hanami Viewing
Rio in Brazil and speak to the birds. Apparently the birds there talk!
Cliche but Paris, France!
The Middle Earth, New Zealand
Greece to meet their gods


About life, what I want from it, where I want to go next. I only know what I DON'T want. And I don't think that's enough.

Be warned though, there's nothing much in this blog. Just plain rubbish. For you. But not for me.
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