Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freelancer (Part One)

Yeah, it's a not-one-of-those-food-posts-again post. 

Bear with me. Being the unemployed freelancer that I am, I have all the time in the world to do the things that I was deprived of while slaving away like what I did in my previous job. Namely: sleep, sleep in, cook, eat, run. And because I'm saving what little I have by staying in and feeding myself with what's available in the fridge, I always try to make myself a decent meal that would last me a day (I have to be very careful with enjoying my food too much, the scales will suffer). For today I came up with this fare:

Buttered Peas and Corn Kernels - Boiled
Potato Strips - Potato cut in thin strips, sauteed in olive oil, garlic and onion
Fresh Orange
Cup of Tea (with milk)

I just realized that our fridge looked like the one we had at home because it's full of food that I forgot I even bought. The Potato was from the Green Chicken Curry I made G last week; the peas and corn kernels were from the English Dinner G prepared for me last weekend; the orange has been sitting in the chiller for weeks now and good thing it's still edible (oh GMOs); and of course, the tea which we have unlimited supply of here at home.

I've also (re)discovered some things that are far more enjoyable than working (not unless you don't have any more resources that you'd really have to work. Well that would be my case not too long now) which are:
  • Zumba - as a way to counter the unused calories/kgs. Way better than jogging, really
  • Super Mario 3D - depending on your computer skills, you can actually finish it in no time. Ask help from YouTube if you're stuck in one stage or you can't find the star coins. That's what I do. Not always.
  • Photoshop - I know I was knowledgeable with this software back in college (I remember how I earned a bit of money with video editing). But now, it's eating me alive. I don't know/can't remember how to work this thing. But slowly, it all comes back to me now. I'm relearning it again and I like it.
  • Blogging - yep, that's what I am doing right now.
  • Movie Marathon - who doesn't want to be fed with emotional porn? 
  • Stalking - friends and families and acquaintances and celebs and people I just met and potential employers. Kidding on the potential employers bit. 
  • Catching Up - with family and friends. That's what I really missed out on while I was working 7-8 days straight with one day just dedicating myself to a good long sleep. 
But to be honest, I actually miss having something to do. Soo the universe, you know I won't enjoy being like this forever, so please do give me a job, I can do without these things! :) As long as I still have my weekends, and holidays, I am perfectly fine with working long hours.

Note: I am not even sure how many parts this kind of post will be. 

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