Monday, July 19, 2010

My Photos on Lonely Planet's Mosaic

I am a frustrated photographer. I don't have the right 'gear' for it. I only have my Canon Ixus i7 (in pink) which I bought three years ago. Yes, it was one of the best ones that time but now, it's one of the oldies already. But it did not stop me from taking a few "ok" (but great according to me) shots.

Anika Punzalan at Sitio Remedios, Ilocos Norte
Just a sample. A pathetic attempt on fashion photography and won a Php 5,000 worth of hotel GC's for this. Photo of Anika Punzalan at Sitio Remedios, Ilocos, May 2009. Taken using my Canon Ixus i7

I subscribed in Lonely Planet updates and read about their photo contest. I decided to submit two of my photos: my Camiguin Photo and photo of an airplane that I took from NAIA 3's ramp (it's my banner photo). Winning the contest didn't cross my mind, not in a century, but just the thought of having my photos posted on Lonely Planet along with million other photos (which are better than mine) makes me feel proud of myself and gives me the right to pat myself on the back. That's how shallow my happiness is. :)

I've been meaning to buy DSLR but my situation keeps me from purchasing one: lost my Ipod back in December 2008 and opted to buy a new one with my savings that was meant for a DSLR and lost my blackberry last December 2009 and have to buy a replacement for that because it's office issued. Oh well, I'd have to do with my Canon Oldie for now.

You can check out Iamjoycee's Travel Photos on Lonely Planet here.

You can easily submit your photos as well. Just go to the site of Lonely Planet and read about the contest there. There are only ten days to go before the contest ends so you better post your photos, NOW! :)

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